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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2007|05:15 pm]
Play Back Out of Character

[mood |disappointeddisappointed]

It's been April since I last posted and thus far I've only heard back from 2 of you who wanted to re-start this game.

So I'm guessing that those of you who *haven't* gotten back to me are no longer interested in this game. Which means we've lost far to many characters to keep on going.

I am thinking of continuing this game and some plots as a smaller version of the game, but I'll get in touch with those who have shown their interest.

Until then it's suffice to say that this game, unfortunately, is dead and gone. I for one am sad to see the bigger version of the game go, it had great potential. To bad it wasn't to be.

Thank you all for participating and trying.

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Status check, play_back writers! [Nov. 11th, 2006|04:10 pm]
Play Back Out of Character

If all of our talented players could please take a moment to pop in and let us know where you're at, it would be appreciated. It takes two minutes for you to check in, but it means a whole lot to us hearing from you. :-)

We're looking for your current gaming availability level ("Busy", "Insanely Busy", "OMG, I Shouldn't Even Be On The Computer Now!"), current threads, future plot-requests, and any other general feedback you may have.

The general guideline of most healthy games seems to be 'Tag or Post at least once a week', and I would love to see play_back stay very much alive. If you find that you're simply unable to meet that request, that falls under "gaming availability" up there. Please be honest! You're not going to hurt anyone's feelings by being realistic.

Thank you in advance! I hope you're all having an excellent weekend!
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I'm so fired! [Oct. 13th, 2006|08:17 pm]
Play Back Out of Character

[mood |coldcold]

I'm sorry! I'm an evil person for holding up tagging so badly, but it's been a hectic week and I'm still trying to figure out a routine. Angel is giving me no quarter for keeping Fred waiting! He can be a surly vampire, you know?
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